AnthroCon 2010 Congoer Tells All

A visitor to AnthroCon 2010 (which took place late June) tells us a not-so-surprising tale of one of the Emerald devs:

“He bragged about how he created several copybots to a room full of Second Life residents at the Second Life panel. He [then] explained after the panel to me why they did the IP thing (“Its a loophole in the TOS and we could get away with it, so why not?”). I promptly shot him down for it, and wiped the stupid grin off his face.”

He also goes on to give some examples of Phox’s history:

“Phox, AKA PattehPh0x, maliciously attacked a company called Titan Industries by using the permissions exploit to distribute five of their products. This severely hurt the company, and it was done on personal grounds (Ph0x hates the company owner). These products were distributed through “the largest and most pointless group ever”… PattehPh0x has also copybotted gear from The Ordo Imperialis, which is owned and run by the owner of Titan Industries.”


~ by NJenkins on August 25, 2010.

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