It lives!

This is just a simple blog designed to update everyone of what’s going on behind closed doors between Emerald (previously known as Modular Systems) and Linden Lab.

Please note that this isn’t intended to be solely a baseless attack site. It is designed to keep everyone up-to-date and to make sure all of the information regarding this whole situation is out there.

Also, note that comments aren’t allowed simply on the basis that I’ve handled enough trolls and fanboys/fangirls, and I don’t want anyone to complain that I’m censoring their comments. So, in an effort to make things simple on everyone, there just aren’t any comments allowed unless stated otherwise.

Now, you can check out the constantly-updated timeline if you’d like, which has some new features (such as links to other sites with pictures and new-fangled things!) along with an update or three from the award-winning comment.


~ by NJenkins on August 25, 2010.

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