Emerald Beta Goes Public

Finally, the source code for the Emerald client has been made fully public, and emkdu.dll has been removed from the new beta installers… except for the Windows version binary, because it appears someone forgot to delete emkdu.dll. Oops! The Windows versions (both x86 and x64) are back up. Apparently they were just corrupted, there was no screwing about with emkdu.dll. (Seriously.)

Users continue to blindly believe that the .exe installer only includes the compiled source, even though it most likely doesn’t, as it never did.

Phox is responsible for 70% of the code changes. Yes, the same Phox referenced in several huge chunks of the Timeline. Nothing’s changed.

EDIT: Rumors are going around that Skills added bits of code in both the source code and the binary release repositories that allow the CDS system to determine whether or not the user is using a genuine copy of Emerald and whether it is the binary or public/open-source version. This would be the first known example of “poisoning” the binary release with different code than the public source repository. Again – not beeg surprise.


~ by NJenkins on August 28, 2010.