Oldies but Goodies

Quick comedic relief:

Arabella Steadham: I don’t lie[, I just forget to say the truth!]

Anyhow, I’m just going to take a quick moment to elaborate on a few gems that I recently found that I felt I should throw on this blog.

[2010-04-14 16:37:32] Lonely Bluebird: I used to work in law enforcement, it’s not hard to turn an IP address into full records.

Found this posted on the link in the next paragraph. So, first problem: no, Phox did not ever work in law enforcement. Perhaps he washed his parents’ car or vacuumed once or twice, but other than that, no, he has no real work to do. Second, if it’s not hard to turn an IP address into “full records”, why would you store IP addresses on an unsecured server obtained using an undocumented exploit? Dur.

If you don’t believe that Onyx is an illegal client, plain and simple, maybe this will help change your mind. Here’s the basics, as reported by Hazim: “Onyx is a rebranded VLife. They don’t even try to hide it as the registration functions and backdoors from VLife were left in.” (NOTE: VLife was made by Fractured.) After compiling it and running it, Hazim posted some screenshots that show VLife functions. The developer list for Onyx is below, if you’re interested.

jcool410 : Fractured Crystal [Emerald Dev]
Phox : Lonely Bluebird [Emerald Dev]
cryogenic : Luminous Luminos
discrete : Discrete Dreamscape [Emerald Dev]
link : Thomas Shikami
tyk3n : Tyken Hightower
zwagoth : Zwagoth Klaar

Interestingly enough, Phox/Lonely also released a screenshot demoing Onyx’s Emerald tag spoofing (against the TPV policy) and baked-texture-ripping feature (also against the TPV policy). Additionally, a copy of the Onyx changelog from back in October 2009 reveals that not only is Onyx just rebranded VLife, but devs also added their own illegitimate features.

On a different note, the award for best comment goes to…

I am so sickened by Fractured I can’t even find words for it. This privileged Western teen has EVERYTHING he could possibly want. Parents that apparently let him run completely wild, no shortage of cash to buy whatever licenses or servers he wants, and perfect freedom to surf the net, even in adult-only areas, and express himself however he likes. Teens in Iran, China, and other repressive regimes are quite literally dying for their most basic free speech rights, and I came back to Second Life to try to raise awareness about that.
Now I see how Fractured and his “friends” have used their freedom to damage everyone they encounter, out of a sense of entitlement and privilege, for the sheer thrill of seeing just how much they’d be allowed to get away with. Their similarly entitled and privileged victims for the large part think it’s all a good joke, and are upset with the “drama” of people asking for these crimes to be prosecuted and for everyone to be treated equally before the law.
I hope one day very soon these criminals are forced to face the consequences of their actions, and confronted with the risk they put hundreds of thousands of people in. I hope this confrontation takes place in federal prison, in the form of hundreds of thousands of letters from people whose livelihoods, or in some cases their very lives, were put at risk by the exploits these script kiddies bragged about. – RevMagdalen Kyrie

A question popped up recently as to whether any of these not-so-new scandals apply to Jessica’s promise that Emerald would be canceled if another exploit was discovered. Phox already tried to bypass LL’s requirements, but apparently this didn’t cut it. When will it end?

And in closing, if you haven’t checked out the “Jcool..OUT!” video on YouTube, it’s pretty interesting. Below are the important bits:

Anonymous: “You would consider SL Pro a griefer client, wouldn’t you?”
Fractured Crystal: “Yeah.”
Anonymous: “And the same client, your Onyx client, which has probably the same features as SL Pro, is not a griefer client.”
Fractured Crystal: “Nope.”
Anonymous: “Is that right?”
Fractured Crystal: “Pretty much.”
Anonymous: “What’s the difference between the two?”
Fractured Crystal: “Well, the difference is that Onyx is controlled and SLP is cracked and being distributed.”
Anonymous: “Okay, so, you’re an ex-griefer that made VLife, you got banned, you have a client that’s just like SL Pro, but it’s not a griefer client.”
Fractured Crystal: “Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it?”
Anonymous: “That is insane! You’ve got a client that is SL Pro, basically, same feature set, but it’s not a griefer client because you have it and no one else does.”
Fractured Crystal: “Something like that.”
Anonymous: “That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.”

Fractured Crystal: “Oh well. Life’s a bitch.”

Fractured Crystal: “I don’t take things. I have not committed a single TOS violation. Not as Fractured Crystal, I mean.”
Anonymous: “It doesn’t matter if you commit a crime on Fractured or Jcool whatever…”
Fractured Crystal: “Every account that I’ve committed a TOS violation on has been banned.”

Fractured Crystal: “You know ban evasion isn’t in the TOS, right?”

Fractured Crystal: “I’m not banned, so I’ve got shit to do. I’m TPing out.”


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