Phoenix Viewer

EDIT: The Phoenix Viewer may be accessible by Phox. Use it solely at your own risk. While it offers more safety than Emerald, it is not the safest TPV available.

Jessica has started the Phoenix Viewer project (as expected) that, at this time, is just a port of a safe Emerald version. It’s currently up and running, and I’ve checked it out. While I can’t vouch for its safety (because I’m too lazy to actually check anything), it’s pretty much an Emerald clone, plain and simple, except that it’s going to be maintained, unlike Emergence. There are a few things that need work (the logo, for example, is horrible) but, overall, it’s just Emerald. It works well, and the devs are mostly reputable. The notice sent by Jessica is quoted below:

From the ashes… the Phoenix has risen.
My name is Jessica Lyon. My goal during my time with the Emerald Project, was always to give the users what they want. That goal has never and will never change. I’m very happy to announce, it continues…
A few days ago, I assembled a team of developers to work on a new viewer. Some who were originally Emerald developers, some who were not. All are respected reputable residents in the SecondLife Community. The goal was simple, to provide users with what they want and do it transparently.
I’m am very proud to announce the launch of the Phoenix Viewer. This project, has started off simple, with it’s initial release of a safe clone of the Emerald viewer. Users want Emerald features, you shall have them. We have big plans to expand to the Snowstorm project as well. We have already applied for the TPVD, to which we have no doubt we will be accepted in a timely fashion. We have already started making in world groups for support, (Phoenix Viewer Support), beta testing etc. There is much more to do… however…
This Viewer is ready for use by you, right now!
For this project, I insist on, and everyone on this team insists on 100% public transparency in EVERYTHING we do. We have already established a public IRC Dev chat, public repo and are working on much much more.
Our developers are; (in alphabetical order), Dakun Flux, Dimentox Travanti, Jessica Lyon, Kitty Barnett, LordGregGreg Back, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther, Vortex Saito, Wickman Gibbs, with more to come.
Our Lead Developers are: Dimentox Travanti, LordGregGreg Back, Techwolf Lupindo, Tonya Souther.
Ed Merryman will be leading our support team: Aleia Sapphire, bee Baroque,  Damian Zhaoying, Ed Merryman,  Marybeth Oceanlane,  Mindy Spiritor,  Nisa Maverick, PixelProphet Lane,  Toy LaFollette, Vortex Saito, Whirly Fizzle, Wolfspirit Magic.
Our website is still in progress, however we have up the required links. .
More information here
Downloads. .
Public repo
I am very pleased and excited about this project, and I hope that you will be too.

Jessica Lyon and the Phoenix Viewer Development Team.

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