Oh Wow

It’s time to do some “debugging” on Arabella’s most recent hateful blog post.

I wonder at why you think your re-defining of the word ‘transparency’ is such a good thing, as it certainly has nothing to do with honesty or integrity. It is a muddy flim of half truths, conniving and deception. I wonder why you have not told the users of Secondlife (50% of whom were Emerald users, by your own statistics) that the new approved TPVs are created by former griefers that you hounded out of secondlife, lock, stock and barrel.

I was under the impression that the 50% statistic was made up by Arabella. (If someone knows otherwise, please correct me!) Nonetheless, after the DDoS, this number undoubtedly went down. In addition, which TPVs are created by former griefers? I was also under the impression that Emerald was made by former griefers as well.

I wonder why you have not announced that Ascent is simply a new name for Interia + nano, two viewers designed to steal passwords and make content theft so much easier. I wonder why you are happy for the devs to be on that team, when you specifically named them to us as not trustworthy and to never be on the Emerald Team. This was during the time you felt you had the right to dictate who should be on TPV teams. Obviously you have self corrupted your own publicly announced standards.

So Fractured and Phox moved to Ascent, or am I missing something? (Note to readers who haven’t understood this: most of what Arabella is posting is a lie to generate anti-LL drama in the last day of Emerald’s existence.)

I am also curious as to why you think the so-called ‘lead dev’ on the Phoenix team is trustworthy, when you know damned well she made her own viewer based on emerald but with permission checks removed. Oh wait – that was only distributed to friends so was ok. But she lied. Your two targets on the Emerald Team never lied about what they had done, either to you or the public.

Come on, like you didn’t actually see that coming. “Oh, Jessica is a whore, she slept with 25 men, and she has AIDS, and her anus smells like rotten cheese. Did I mention she has an IQ of -49, as well?” And wow, now Phox and Fractured never lied, huh? Oh, that’s right. They did. About 10 times, at least. (Most notably with the emkdu disaster, which they obviously lied and admitted to lying about.)

And I assume with your all knowing abilities that you are perfectly aware of the relationship of the 3rd-class devs on the Emergence team with the group you mass banned some months back. Check who funds them.

Gee whiz, I didn’t even know Emergence was being actively developed. Ah right, it’s just LGG, and Arabella continues to disparage his skills and whistleblowing behaviors, as she always has. Snore. Next please.

You know full well that the very same people who hacked into emerald webservers and wrote griefer viewers are listed as compliant and in the newly announced TPVD. So much for your worthless standard of ethics.

What? Where’s the proof? What is she talking about? There aren’t any griefer viewers on the TPVD anymore because that’s not what the TPVD is for. Oh sure, let’s just throw SL Pro on the TPVD. There’s a great idea. And I don’t think Arabella has a higher standard of ethics than a twig.

You are also fully aware that the last emerald release, 2600 was FULLY compliant with the TPV set standards – emkdu is NOT in violation with the GPL and we removed the encoding as required. We did however have the correct distribution licensing from the owner of KDU, something that lindenlab forgot to get themselves.

I lol’d, hard. Okay, so channel spoofing is now not against the TPV Policy. Except that it is, and the Lindens even went out of their way to warn that anyone caught spoofing their channel would be permabanned. We’re ready to believe you!

Two of your chosen targets on the dev team left, the 3rd was not “voted off” (do you really think this is some sort of a game??) yet you still say the most popular viewer on the grid is non compliant. You lie. This is nothing but an ego battle.


It’s not a game; it’s a security emergency. If Twitter found out that a developer that uses their API was regularly exploiting it for malicious purposes, what would you think they would do? Leave him alone because his developer friends don’t want him gone? Okay.

I truly wonder at your assumption that your users are stupid and underserving of your respect. It still may surprise you to know that people get mightily offended by your dictatorial attitude, even for a pond sized american company.

… they kind of are. If they’re dull enough to blindly allow you to convert their computer into a botnet to violate private, federal, and international regulations, then yes, they are stupid. And would an Australian company be any different?

I also wonder why you still have people like Joe and Soft employed, when you know as well as I do that their own personal failings caused the ‘breaches’ that you now choose to pin on Emerald. You know these two sanctioned everything that was done, specially at the rather unique LL/Emerald in world meetings.

Uh… so… wait, let me get this straight. Phox deceived Joe and Soft into thinking that emkdu was actually legitimate, so it’s Joe and Soft’s fault that Phox caused a security disaster. That makes sense, y’know, because they always send cops to jail because someone got murdered, because it was the cops’ job to stop the murderer.

Given all this, there is one thing I do know about you. I know that you could never understand why a small team of 12 dedicated voluntary devs WOULD NOT vote off the most crucial member of the Emerald Team, just because you said. I do know that you have zero understanding of what a team really is, so I will enlighten you.

You didn’t follow their instructions. You refused to remove a malicious dev from the team, so you lost access to the grid. Your fault.

A team is a group who work with each other on good days and bad. A team will bounce ideas around, acknowledge the brilliance of its members in their own abilities, support each other in times of crisis, defend its members to the hilt when attacked by outsiders and enjoy the cameraderie that blossoms. A team will always have the back of each of its members, so that any outside bullying will be deflected that more strongly.

A team is only as bad as its most malicious member. In addition, you weren’t “attacked by outsiders”. You had basically entered the outsiders’ kingdom with their permission, then started breaking into people’s houses. You got kicked out.

Once upon a time, I had great hopes and aspirations for what Secondlife could be as it grew and developed. I saw it as an incredibly creative means of communication which if guided right, could far outstrip the many other social networks cropping up. I saw that it could be a perfect method of a remote working environment, allowing companies to flourish around the world with this much lower overhead. I saw it as an amazing way to continue education, with in world facilities for me personally to choose wherever I wanted to have extended education. I also saw it as this wonderful place where people from all over the world could gather together and form lasting bonds with others they would have never met otherwise.

Now, this is what I see. I see a Secondlife future of a backwater virtual environment operated by scrabbling inward-looking managers, governed by mediocre directors who have used age old methods of undermining, backstabbing and incompetence to get where they are. I see an ever-shrinking group of managers scared silly of true intelligence, more interested in chopping it out of their world of blandness and deceit, than fostering, funding and nurturing. I hear your managers screech to me “Yes, lindenlab wants your numbers!” and then deliver an ultimatum we as a team would not fulfill. Because there was only one requirement that was not fulfilled, and you as a bully wanted your ego to reign supreme. But hey, employ yet another PR person to cover up your shambles style management. Sure beats having honest, dedicated and talented staff like those you sacked a few months back. I see now, a puddle rapidly filling with pond scum. Who knows, they may evolve one day. At least you can manipulate them until then though.

Snore. I like the part where she rages.

So – numbers of users logging in with the official viewer had fallen dramatically , so a VP came up with a plan (or perhaps an ex CEO dragged back) – “let’s block Emerald, add a few really dodgy TPVs and people will have little choice. They will HAVE to use 2.0″. Someone probably got a bonus for this (a LL bonus is worth about $US3.00), or more likely ‘luv’ from the luv machine.

Concurrent users aren’t falling. Growth has stopped. There’s a big difference. 50-70k is usually the norm for concurrent users, and has been for at least a year.

And again, she bashes other TPVs. Kirstens is solid. Imprudence is solid. Ascent is still in heavy development. Emergence is your own client, as is Phoenix.

To be perfectly honest with you, lately I’ve been more interested with my own RL tragedies and RL earthquake to take anything that you say or do with any seriousness, let alone give it any credibility. As I write this I look around my city and see smashed buildings, small family businesses devastated, billions of dollars damage to a city of good people. I am watching my next door neighbor’s 80 year old house being pulled down after sustaining too much damage last Saturday night. I’m so glad I live on the other side of the planet to you, Lindenlab. Less chance of me being contaminated and corrupted by your dodgy business practices. How about that VAT scam eh?

You fail to remember that California has some pretty badass earthquakes as well. We’ve been having a lot of aftershocks from that 7.2 back in April, which was bigger than the 7.1 you just sustained. There was also a 6.1 in July, I think. Oh yeah, I forgot, we have these things called building codes, so there was virtually no destruction caused by either one. That’s what’s so cool about living in a civilized country. We can survive some pretty heavy shit, whereas you have buildings crumbling and people dying.

At last week’s meeting with Oz when he threatened all the team with ‘never being employed by a real company or a government agency’ I knew you had lost the plot entirely. Who the hell do you think you are, you dunderheaded buffoons? You might not realise this, but the world and its governments are not dictated to by the likes of you. Not everything is virtual scamming and bullying you know. Poor little Oz, how awful to be a puppet. I guess this is why he couldn’t even keep his promise to us to email the final lindenlab decision, as it would be the ethical the thing to do (he said). I imagine it is easier to thrust a blade into the back of your perceived enemy without any notice huh.

There’s this neat new invention called the Interweb. Employers usually check it before they offer you a job. And you certainly won’t be hired by any government agency with this track record of associating with hackers.

To the users of Emerald Viewer, I am truly sorry that lindenlab has chosen to do this to you. Good luck! I will not be using any of the new TPV announced today – I guess I know too much of their history, I’d rather my accounts were safe :). And at least my integrity is intact.

I guess I know too much of yours, and I won’t be using any new fork you will no doubt start. And at least my personal data is intact.


~ by NJenkins on September 7, 2010.