Arabella Rages, TOBSDA Posts a Video

Arabella raged on her blog. (EDIT: I changed the link to Arabella’s personal blog, the copy on ModularSystems’ blog can be viewed here.) I was not surprised to learn that I’m older than her, and that clearly she has an amount of brain matter that solidly places her in the “mentally handicapped” section of the IQ bell curve.

I will be debunking this post later tonight. I’ve got a night class starting in about an hour so I have to get going… but rest assured, I will prove she’s still lying in her final breaths :P

In addition, TOBSDA posted another video that just proves Phox is an idiot. (Ironically, he can’t get into SL after spoofing the channel.) This was taken moments before both Arabella and Phox were banned. Furthermore, Phox, Lee Serenity (idk lol), and Noor Loam (an Emerald fangirl that tried to troll AH a while back) discussed how changing a debug setting violates the TOS (laughably, I might add). Well, yeah, it sort of does.

To quote Phox… “You just violated the Terms of Service; I’m afraid your account’s being terminated now.”

By the way, Arabella, if you’re reading this, it really does make a lot of sense to moderate comments on your blog that actually debunk an Emerald-hater’s argument because they were wrong. And it’s even more shockingly hilarious to just block comments altogether. But y’know, at least I was the first to like her most recent rant, which (to my knowledge) she can’t remove.


[LL’s email goes here, go check her blog if you want to read it, it just says she was banned for severe or repeated violations of the ToS, and that she can appeal if she is dumb enough to do so]

Now, this is nonsensical. Lindenlab is very well aware from their own logs that I have never breached any TOS. They are also aware that I did not attempt to log in with a blacklisted viewer, as the email was sent to me prior to even attempting to log in. What did I do to warrant this?

Perhaps it was yesterday’s post. Perhaps because I called them out on their irrational behavior in recent weeks. Perhaps because Linden Lab wants to ‘teach me a lesson’?

First of all, the email she posted was edited. It originally listed the violations she went down for. Obviously she didn’t want anyone to know them, and rather wanted to push her bullshit “LL is evil and just wanted me out of the picture” story. I, however, am awesome and found out the 3 reasons she was banned. In a nutshell, she fucked with Second Life’s systems and policies. And she did log in with a blacklisted viewer to perform illegal activities, which is one of the reasons.

So, I proceed to follow the instructions to lodge an appeal, only to find I cannot log into the website to lodge said appeal. I can only log in as ‘guest’ and select from a pathetic list. I fill out the proforma, and receive [an email saying a case was created].

But I cannot log in to view the case.

Not only have I been account banned (including an alternate account I made 3 years ago) but it would appear the long finger of Lindenlab has reached out to NZ and banned my IP address as well. And appeal processes appear to be closed off.

Actually, she was account, IP, and MAC banned. However, Phox clearly helped her to spoof her IP and MAC, and she was spotted on a new account, which was quickly reported and destroyed. I have no doubt that Phox has done the same.

I am stunned that Linden Lab has taken this approach. Living in a strongly westernised country and being a citizen of an even bigger one, like many of you I have enjoyed growing up and living in countries where rights are enshrined not only in our constitution but in our way of life. Freedom of speech and expression has long been an expectation and seen as a right of all citizens. To write a blog post – entirely out of the jurisdiction of lindenlab – and have the resultant effect of permanent banning is breathtakingly arrogant on the part of lindenlab. To deny this was the cause of my permanent banning would be a lie. Linden Lab is well aware I do not and have never breached any of the TOS, which indicates that rules are not there for any purpose but decoration.

I thought you just talked about how your whole town was crumbling because of an earthquake that was smaller than one we had here in California a few months ago that caused virtually no damage? That’s not a characteristic of a “strongly westernized country”. (I won’t repeat my argument against her “I didn’t violate the TOS” claim here.) Also, the Lab does have some jurisdiction outside of SL for disclosure. While usually chat logs do not apply, if someone signed an NDA with the Lab and they violated it, they can be taken to court. A similar thing happened here (while she didn’t violate any NDA, she certainly disclosed sensitive information). Hell, she even admitted it herself! Nobody was talking about disclosing confidential information, but she just brought it up out of the blue. (Hint: it was on her mind because it’s the 2nd reason.) Hey, by the way, a little lesson on the law: the right to free speech is limited to that which doesn’t threaten anyone else’s safety, character, or stability. For example, you can’t just go up to a microphone and announce to the whole town that so-and-so fucked their grandma and tortures puppies when they obviously didn’t; that’s called defamation of character. (Hey, look, that’s what you did to the Lab! Cool, they could file charges against you now. Neat!)


Oh, please.

I doubt my appeal will be successful, because true to form it has been done in a shoddy manner. I am not surprised.

It won’t be successful because literally everyone hates you, especially at the Lab, and it’s a private grid, so you don’t have the right to keep your account.

So even though I have lodged this appeal, do I really want to be part of a virtual environment where lackeys of the Board of Directors hunt down those who dare to criticise? Do I want to participate in a world where users are abused by bullying standover tactics and unexplained termination of accounts? Linden Lab as a private company can create their own rules as they see fit, however to ignore at least some of the expectations we have of supposed rights if we operate by the rules- to shift the goalposts mid game – reduces their virtual world to nothing more than a game, a game where childish antics reign supreme in a desperate move to force conformity and mediocrity in an ever shrinking user base.

Again, that’s not what happened. You fucked around with them and their systems, so they said to hell with you. Having access to the grid is a privilege, not a right. It can be revoked at any time for no reason at all. Except that there were 3 reasons, you just decided to deceive everyone by removing them from the email and blabbering on trying to defend yourself. Thank god you had comments disabled, because probably only a handful of people will actually believe you this time.

Arabella Steadham

Rezz date: 23rd August 2006

Permaban date: 8th September 2010.

Reason: Thinking

What? WHAT?!? I can’t even begin to try to understand what that means. Thinking? I’m pretty sure this isn’t the Soviet Union here. No, you were banned because…

  1. You disclosed private, sensitive, confidential information, which could be grounds to take you to court, which means you would have to fly all the way out to San Francisco.
  2. You hacked and were an accessory to hacking the client, various grid limitations (permissions, for example), Vivox, etc.
  3. You used an unapproved viewer for illegal means. (Onyx, most likely. Although VLife might also be an option here.)

I hope that clears up any confusion.


~ by NJenkins on September 8, 2010.