Emerald is Back, But Not in Second Life

This really isn’t surprising. Emerald, in all of its Emerald glory (sans good-intentioned developers, whom have all moved to Phoenix – the viewer, not the city), has returned, but now operates on Utherverse’s “Virtual World Web” platform, an SL clone with remarkably bad permissions and IP protection. Nobody is quite sure exactly who VWW is targeting, but they claim to have 5 million accounts already in existence. The graphics – well, everything is remarkably Second Life like, but worse. It’s essentially a bad SL clone that will no doubt be run down in a few years, if not months.

Slightly unrelated, a lot of buzz has been going around about another similar platform called Blue Mars. Compared to Second Life, it’s got mindblowing graphics and an extremely powerful modeling engine that allows professional modelers to create entire worlds as if it were a regular video game instead of making sculpties one by one. Unfortunately, the interface is much, much different, and avatars haven’t received much of a boost in graphics over Second Life. In addition, the architecture it runs on is more of an OpenSim-style world, in which every location is a different world, some occasionally hosted on local machines which are disconnected when the owner turns off his/her computer. Unfortunately, the economy is not very strong and it has yet to develop a sizable user base, so content creators, while it’s a good option for professional modelers, don’t expect to get as much business as you do in SL. All in all, while it’s cool to play around for a while, it’s not that great. Oh well, at least it’s probably better than VWW.


~ by NJenkins on September 11, 2010.